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We have a variety of services to help with the relocation of your pets!

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International pet travel and relocation

We offer a seamless, end-to-end pet relocation service for your dogs, cats, birds and other domestic animals. From pickup to lodging, crate training and preparation to board international flights, to anywhere in the world. Our partners abroad will ensure that you are reunited with your fur-kids in no time!

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Local pet travel and relocation

Wherever you are and wherever you’re going in the country. We will help move your pets from their old to their new home. Let us worry about moving your pets while you focus on moving your loved ones and belongings. Our pickup services will meet you anywhere nationally to retrieve your pets and make sure they meet you at your new destination in no time.

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Veterinary checkups

Depending on if your pets are travelling abroad or making short trips within South Africa, there may be a need for micro-chipping, rabies shots and a vet certification depending on where they are travelling to in the world. We are directly associated with local veterinaries in Johannesburg, Edenvale. We recommend St Francis Veterinary Hospital Edenvale

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Pet carriers and crates

Whether you are immigrating to another country, or if you need to travel locally with your pets. We have custom made pet crates and containers that are specially designed and built to the specifications of your pet’s size. We measure your pets height and weight to give them the most comfortable container to travel in. To view our pet measurement diagram follow this link

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Verified pet kenneling and boarding

Your pets may need to sleepover for a couple of night before and after they arrive at their new destination. We offer kenneling and boarding services in a safe and secure environment. All our pets are taken care of and kept in spacious facilities that guarantee movability and absolute comfort.

Talbots Pets International Pet Relocation Pet Travel Vector

Pet immigration, passports and clearance agencies

Regulations require you to complete lots of paperwork for your pets, that we do on your behalf. From microchipping your pets to acquiring import permits, getting vaccinations and much more. No need to worry about anything. Allow us to get everything ready and also help with clearance services with our partners abroad.


First, learn about the import rules for your destination country to make sure it’s even possible to bring your pet where you want to go, as some countries have breed and species bans or don’t allow pets to arrive from certain countries.

From here, start to build a plan of action based on the vet visits and paperwork required and begin to think about airline and routing options, crate-training, and whether or not you want to do this on your own or hire assistance.

Understandably, most pet owners would rather keep their pets by their side when they fly, but airline and country rules often make this impossible. Tiny pets can sometimes fly in the cabin, especially if you’re flying within the United States, but most international flights require pets to fly via cargo.

Chances are if you’re reaching out to us, it’s because your pets will need to fly via manifest cargo, and one of our Consultants would be happy to discuss your options and let you know why manifest cargo is safer than you probably think (and our preferred method for pet travel).

Of course safety is a top concern when it comes to considering a pet move, and we’re confident in saying that yes, pet air travel is safe when you’ve taken all the necessary precautions. (We wouldn’t be in this business if it wasn’t.)

To start, this means choosing a pet friendly airline whose cargo area is pressure and temperature controlled and who has solid, established pet safe policies in place.

Before you travel we also recommend talking with your vet about any health concerns, helping your pet get to a healthy weight through diet and exercise, and perhaps most importantly, working to crate train your pet well before the move.

Every pet move is different, which makes standard pricing difficult to establish. Factors like pet size, breed, origin, destination, and even time of year can all come into play when determining costs, so a conversation with a Talbot Pets International pet relocation consultant is needed before a realistic estimate can be determined.

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