Requirements for Pet relocation to Panama

You will NOT require an Import Permit for your pets to enter Panama.

Pet’s inoculations ( 5in1 for dogs and LEPTO, and Felocell for cats ) and Rabies vaccination needs to be up to date. The vaccinations need to be older than 30 days and less than 11 months. They also require a Micro-Chip.

Puppies and kittens can travel on proof of mothers valid inoculations as above between the ages of 8 weeks to 12 weeks. Thereafter, they will need to have their own inoculations at 12 weeks and wait 30 days before entry into Panama.

Pets also require a veterinary health certificate that is valid for 7 days and needs to be valid on arrival. It is recommended the health certificate to be completed by a Private Veterinarian 5 days before departure and endorsed by the State Vet 4 days before departure. This VHC ( veterinary health certificate ) then needs to be authenticated by the Panama Consular in Pretoria.

It is advisable to use a clearing agent on the Panama side to clear your pets. We can assist in recommending an agent.
All pets are to arrive between Monday and Friday. NO pets are to arrive over a weekend or public holidays.