Requirements for Pet relocation to Canada

Age of Animal

Animals under the age of 3 months that are too young to have had their own rabies vaccination have
to then travel on their mother’s rabies certificate. In this case you then need the mother’s valid
rabies vaccination certificate. The mother must have a valid rabies vaccination – no less than 30 days
old and no more than 12 months old.

If animal is over 12 weeks, they will require a rabies vaccination which is to be given at 12 weeks of
age and not before 12 weeks. Animal then has to wait the required 30 days from date of vaccination
before able to travel.


Pets must be microchipped.

Rabies Vaccinations

Pets must have a Rabies vaccination that is older than 30 days, but not older than one year.

Normal Canine and Feline vaccinations

Annual canine and feline vaccinations are recommended. Kennel cough vaccinations and snuffles
vaccinations for cats are also recommended, should your pet require boarding before or after they
travel all reputable kennels would insist that you produce a valid vaccination certificate.

Health Certificate (Valid for 10 days)

The pets must be accompanied by a health certificate issued by a private veterinarian certifying
compliance with the above requirements. The Health certificate must be done within 10 days of

Our clients will be supplied with the correct & filled in Veterinary Heath Certificate.

Import Permit

No import permit is required for pets into Canada.

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