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Why use us?

With over a decade of experience Talbot Pets International has been at the forefront of animal care and relocation.

Offering a hands-on pet travel service, we believe that our clients’ pets should be treated with the same level of love and dignity as they receive from their loving owners. Every animal that we work with is treated as family. We also understand how stressful and daunting it can be for your pet to travel for several hours. Thus we offer crate training services to make sure your fur kids have a relaxing journey to wherever you are travelling to.

We aim to offer an exceptional service that will leave you satisfied and knowing that you made the absolute best choice.

Above all, we want to offer our clients an affordable option to help their four-legged family member move to their new home, locally and internationally. Whether you have dogs, cats or other pets that need to meet you locally or abroad, you can trust Talbot Pets International to help your pets travel easily and in absolute comfort.

What we aim to do?

What sets us apart from the rest?

We offer the best hands-on pet relocation service in the country.

By offering add-on services to alleviate anxiety and stress that could affect your pets psychologically, with world-class crate training. To giving you a custom experience built, specifically for your needs with the best and most affordable options. We hold your hand along the way and keep you constantly updated with the progress of your pets travelling journey.

We Are Talbot Pets International

Operating as a pet travel and relocation service agency in Johannesburg, you can find our HQ in Edenvale. Lead by Cheryl Jacobs who has over a decade of experience in working with animanls.

We have helped over 200 families meet their pet safely at their new homes locally and internationally in over 50 countries. We keep up to date with ever-changing import/export rules and regulations for every country across the globe so you do not have to stress and worry about not taking your beloved pets with you. We reunite families.

Who we are?

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PetExpo - The World of Dogs and Cats

Talbot Pets International is proud to be affiliated with PetExpo, which is an annual expo hosted by pet lovers for pet lovers and promoting responsible pet ownership.

Visit PetExpo to find out more about anything related to pets from cats to dog enthusiasts.

PetsLets - Pet friendly rentals in London

PetsLets aims to become the leading pet-friendly property portal in London and surroundings. Talbot Pets International is proudly associated with PetsLets.

Visit PetsLets For more information on pet friendly accommodation in the UK.

Meet our team

Talbots Pets International Pet Relocation Pet Travel Cheryl

Cheryl Jacobs

Pet Relocation Specialist

I’ve always been surrounded by animals, growing up with dogs and cats, and now have 6 gorgeous dogs to share my home with. While I have been able to attend dog shows with some of them, they are simply my pets first and foremost.

Talbot Pets International has helped many families reunite with their animals all over the globe. Let's help your pet travel to your new home quick and easily, at affordable rates.
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